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Charcuterie at Kettle Valley Steakhouse

When you walk into Happy Valley Lodge at Big White Ski Resort, you’ll see lots of snowboarders, skaters and skiers, all dressed for outdoor fun. Up the stairs and to your right is the Kettle Valley Steakhouse. Once you’ve experienced, you’ll never forget it.

Kettle Valley has a continental feel to it and aside from its famous steaks; they have a seafood menu that rivals any restaurant perched on the edge of an ocean. You would think it would be hard to create a fine dining atmosphere with a floor made for ski boots, but that’s exactly what you’ll find here. The Kettle Valley Steakhouse buys local whenever possible and loves to surprise their clients with their high level of quality and service.

When it comes to starters or shared plates, their Charcuterie board comes highly recommended and with good reason. Chef creates all the meats on the plate in-house with all the skill and care of an old world artisan. The variety on the plate changes with availability and the cheeses are locally sourced.

On this occasion our taste buds were treated to cheese from Salt Spring Island Cheese Company. The Montaña is a delicious hard, yet mild, sheep’s milk cheese with a velvety smooth texture. The Blue Juliette was a mild, creamy surface ripened cheese that went perfectly with everything on the plate.

The meats themselves were outstanding. The rabbit rillettes had a very mild flavour with just a hint of gaminess. It was prepared with chives and olive oil and just enough salt to draw out the flavour of the meat.

Up next was the chicken liver pâté, a slightly sweet offering with a mild port aftertaste. Nestled together at one end of the board was the cured bison and beef bresaola, both had a sweet musty smell and despite being “dried” meats these paper-thin morsels were tender and tasty.

At the other end of the board the pork lonza and pork and cherry terrine, (wrapped in bacon no less!) dared you to let them dance in your mouth. 

The entire board was topped off with house-pickled vegetables and greens with a generous swipe of house made Dijon mustard. The board is served with a basket of house made, ultra thin, super crispy, slightly salted crostinis.

Charcuterie board: $22 - Plate variety may change depending on availability.

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