Finding Kelowna  

On the banks of the creek

…a memory of summer

Beneath the brilliant sun my bicycle spins its way down Brandt’s Creek Linear Park. I am exploring the neigbourhoods that have sprung up around this lazy stream in upper Glenmore, when I see a couple lying together on the wooded banks: two young teens, barely visible at the foot of a bush in bloom.

As I ride past they startle and squint at me, faces bursting with youth. They are new arrivals from the land of dolls and cowboys; impelled, I imagine, by questions about love and romance that the school library cannot answer. And as they fade in the distance behind, awkward images from my own youth surface with my smile.

A few minutes later I wheel back down the dirt path that traces the tree lined waterway and see them ambling up the street in my direction. They are simultaneously endearing and amusing: a motley duo of unschooled affection.

She wears white short-shorts and a tangerine T-shirt. Her long honey-blonde hair cascades onto her shoulders, and she is literally half an arm’s length taller than he. Her partner is dressed in black calf-length pants, while a baseball cap sits askew on a head of short brown hair. Her left arm lies draped over his shoulder, and as I pass I see that this Casanova has placed his hand on her hip. I giggle, look back and see that they are still in position; unabashed on a neigbourhood street, perhaps seeking a more secluded hideaway, on a hot afternoon.

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About the Author

Giovanni is a poet, columnist, interviewer and photographer. His passion for literature and the writing arts began at three years of age when his mother read to him the poems of Giovanni Pascoli.

Finding Kelowna, as he explains it in his website of the same name, is a focus on the ordinary events, people and things that often go unnoticed. Its purpose is to reveal the startling brilliance of everyday life which may be beautiful, tragic or bizarre. Giovanni does this in a creative way that spotlights the sudden encounters, poignant moments and unusual circumstances that pepper daily life.

Through chance conversations and unexpected occurrences, the tone and character of Kelowna and its surroundings is explored. In so doing, Giovanni hopes that the reader will catch a glimpse of himself and of humanity in all its glorious imperfection.

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