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Looking good feels good

Need to get a haircut and get a real job, like the old George Thorogood song demands? Can’t remember the last time you purchased yourself a trendy new top or stylish shoes? Have you forgotten to floss for an entire week because your kids’ social life is keeping you scrambling? If you’ve been avoiding looking at yourself in the mirror lately, TLC may be in order, and not the trashy ‘learning’ channel kind.

The unfortunate truth is how we present ourselves to the outside world affects our self-esteem and self-confidence. Everyone projects an image, and first impressions count, from a first date to the first day of school, to a job interview. We’re all guilty of making snap judgments based on appearances. If you’ve been neglecting personal hygiene (like showering or brushing your hair) or can’t remember the last time you splurged on a fresh new hairstyle, consider the merits of putting your best self forward. Perhaps now, before hopping out the door with the stroller in one hand, errand list in the other, trying to force your scuffed flats on before tripping and breaking an arm.

Investing time in personal attention for one evening a month can do wonders for your outer shell (and peace of mind) and does not need to cost an arm and a leg. A bright new hair color, shiny manicure, whitening teeth strips, and detoxifying facial for healthy, glowing skin are great image boosters. Take out the tweezers and razor for some major pruning. Also prune closets of decade old styles no longer suitable now, like the concert t-shirt from 22 years ago that makes you resemble a thirty-eight year-old wannabe teenager.

Take a fresh look at accessories and create cool new outfits with what’s already in your closet. Pinterest is a fantastic tool for inspiring casual/work outfits to update your style. Watch tutorials on YouTube for funky ways to wear neglected scarves in your closet or apply eye shadow that makes your beautiful eyes POP and spotlights the shine of your soul. In Europe, a monthly massage or manicure is not deemed a luxury, but regular maintenance! Ah, progressive Europe! Think about art, travel and music that inspires you and why. Then think about how you can implement matching prints, shapes and colours into your wardrobe.

Get back in the habit of flossing, rubbing all natural (and fantastic smelling) coconut oil into your cuticles, and giving yourself a good once-over from time to time, maybe with the lint roller. Men included – I think many women will agree the Duck Dynasty face-fur is so yesterday. Okay, I may be hoping my significant other will read this and get a clue, in case he hasn’t heard my loud verbal ‘suggestions’. Now, is the reflection in the mirror someone you would want to get to know better? Good! Just add a smile and you’ve made the world a more beautiful place.

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