Help to build a Kenyan girls' school

I am back in Kelowna and feel blessed to be here. How ironic it is that the source of this Fall’s fashion inspiration (Tribal Africa), has no knowledge nor interest in fashion. My time in Africa was a break from the world of fashion. And, honestly, how dare anybody even think of fashion, when teaching in remote areas of Kenya or visiting slums in Nairobi. There is it sheer survival!

My trip to Africa was shocking, yet inspiring! Two years ago, I went to Africa on my dream vacation. Little did I know that trip would be life-changing. I vowed to return to help one day. Last month, I spent my time teaching in schools and visiting orphanages, trying to give what I could, but it just wasn’t enough!

Now I want to share my experience with you, and raise money to build a girl’s dorm structure at Irbaan school in Kenya. All you need to do is shop! On Friday, November 25th stop by Frakas and enjoy 20% off everything, a gift with purchase, door prizes and snacks. All proceeds will go to the girls in Africa.


















If you can’t make it out on the 25th and would like to know more about our project, feel free to check out our Facebook page or www.fracas.ca/blog.

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