Cultural Inspiration for Fall

I feel like it has been a short summer this year, and feel sad to say good-bye to another fun-filled Okanagan summer.

With summer coming to a close, this opens a whole new door to a very exciting season in fashion.

Fall 2011!!! Leaving the soft shades of summer behind, the flowy chiffon and lace, and the strappy sandals, we look ahead to months of Tribal and cultural influence.

I will be making a journey to London, Istanbul and Kenya this Fall, where I expect to see the tribal influence in the raw (un-fashionized) with a visit to a Masaai Village where the fashion world got it’s inspiration for bold colors, chunky beaded adornments, and color blocking.

Go back to your roots, or celebrate the roots of our country with Aboriginal, Inuit, and tribal patterns and materials. Leathers, fur, sheer-ling and wools will keep you warm and fashionable for the crisp weather approaching.  Jackets, boots and knit sweaters blend well with a current summer wardrobe. These items can be timeless when chosen correctly. Keep it simple or go with a style that you have always enjoyed. Try and stay away from "trends" when investing in quality pieces such as these. Mixing multiple textures and prints creates a rich and earth feel for autumn.

Knee high boots or a hidden wedge bootie is a a good way to take a current summer outfit into fall. Combined with a high sock or tights creates exciting opportunities for color and texture combinations - think jewel tones and knits. Tights and socks will also help you enjoy your favorite open toed shoe or boot into the next season.  Putting some chunky costume jewelry to a simple summer dress or an armful bagels over your favorite cardigan makes a simple and inexpensive way to update your wardrobe  into fall.  Adding accessories like this makes it easy to create a style that can be uniquely  yours while still keeps your look current.

Look for inspiration all around you, we are constantly surrounded by fashion and design, wear what speaks to you and makes you feel comfortable.

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Co-written by Aren Larson

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