Tattoo jewelry obsession!

Temporary Jewelry Tattoos: The latest craze to hit the fashion world.

Whether you’ve seen them in the pages of Vogue magazine, on the bodies of divas like Beyonce or Rhianna, the decorative gold and silver body jewelry has become a fashion and beauty phenomenon popping up just in the past few months. The decorative pieces come in the form of stenciled delicate chain bracelets, laurel necklaces to festival ready feathers that seem to float across the skin with a sparkle. Easy to apply, and sold in packages of assorted designs. Easy to apply in under one minute and lasting for a week, this option offers a change in jewelry weekly. Stack them on, or go with one simple accent piece, the tattoos can be worn by all ages and there are designs to go with all outfits.

This trend started as an accent item to the Boho Festival look in clothing this Summer, but has been picked up by the fashion and beauty industry as a major statement for Fall/Winter 2014.

Get your tattoo packages for just $24 at Frakas (in store or online) or stop by and we’d be happy to apply a sample tattoo.

For more tattoo images visit our facebook page: Frakas Boutique or see them on line at www.shopfrakas.ca

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