Stylish & preppy looks for fall

I cannot believe it’s almost the end of summer.  We are enjoying the last bit of our summer vacations, visits with out of town guests and getting the kids ready to go back to school.

This fall is coming up with the most diverse and creative alternatives, nicely complementing the ultra-stunning and stylish looks of the coming season. We will be seeing styles that are very modern, spirited and have a bit of a throwback twist.

Fall’s neutral and dark colors are in full swing this year in eyewear. Slick black, brooding grey and graphite Modern Prep, are classics fused together with polished, preppy touches. Shapes from rounded cat-eyes to oval squares to suit almost any face shape. At first these may seem very back to basic. The patterns and detailing set these apart to be anything but boring. Both women’s and men’s styles will pop with color.

Earthy roots are the focus this fall. For women we have updated glossy finishes in rich, vibrant colors. Browns, reds and oranges are foolproof and compliment almost any skin tone.

For the men we have wood like textures, mixed materials and leather detailing for the modern vibe. Clean lines with a refined color scheme along with masculine detailing and metal etching to keep it a modern look.

Whatever you choose for your updated look this fall, I am sure you will not be disappointed. Eyewear can be your best accessory. Licensed Opticians are here to help you choose what you are looking for, what suits your face and compliments your style.

With every eyewear purchase it's best to make sure your vision has been checked recently - at least within the last couple of years.

It is recommended that children have their first eye exam between six and nine months of age, even if they appear healthy and they seem to be having no vision problems. They should be checked again at age 3 and again just before they start going to school. By age five or six regularly every year after to ensure there are no eye diseases or underlying health issues going undetected.

Some schools do provide vision screening for your child but it is not enough. Screenings are a valuable service but they do not check for vision conditions or eye health. 

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