A 'rip roaring' evening

97th Street pub contiunes it's incredible line-up of live entertainment when the cross Canada tour for PEI’s Paper Lions stops there on Saturday November 15th.

Hailing from the unlikely small community of Belfast, Prince Edward Island, brothers John and Rob MacPhee and neighbour Colin Buchanan began playing music together at a very young age in a variety of garage bands. They later met David Cyrus MacDonald in high school and with MacDonald behind the kit, Buchanan playing guitar, Rob on bass and John covering lead vocals the foursome quickly solidified.

The group actually began their career with a different name, but on February 21, 2008 the band announced on their website they were changing their name to Paper Lions and would be spending some much needed time off the road to focus on songwriting.

It was as Paper Lions the band began to find their new sound; in short, explosive pop arrangements.

I caught up with the band's guitarist Colin Buchanan to learn a bit more about the band.

Over the past couple months you guys have toured pretty much from coast to coast in this great country, are there any places that were extra special for you to perform in as a group?

We played Newfoundland for the first time this fall, which was definitely a highlight. We'd been meaning to go for years but it would always fall through for one reason or another. It was the final frontier in Canada for us. It's strangely satisfying to be able to check off the full list.

Life on the road can often be a struggle for anyone, what helps you guys stay focused when traveling so much?

Keeping occupied in the van is the key to road struggles. We often do our own thing on long drives whether it be movies, music, or reading. Best not wear out the conversation when you have to start a tour with a 20 hour drive to Toronto.

I saw on your website that your music video for Travelling has hit over 2 million views.  Were you at all surprised by those numbers? (See video below)

Completely surprised. In fact, the song and video were so old (about 5 years) we almost forgot about it being on youtube until it started picking up so much steam. It just kind of tipped one day, and hasn't slowed down since. It's strange, now a days, all these bands are trying to make a "viral video", us included. It's funny that the video that ultimately caught on was one made before the phrase "viral video" even existed. 

As a band, what other groups or artists do you admire in the music industry?
Being from the East Coast we often look to the bands from the area that have done well. Sloan, Joel Plaskett Emergency, Wintersleep. These are all bands that not only had to overcome a certain geographical handicap, but have succeeded on their own terms and always with integrity. That's the type of career we want to have for our band.

In your own words how would you describe your live show to someone who has never seen you perform before?
We usually like to keep things pretty upbeat in the live show, but since putting out a pared down acoustic record we've been switching it up on stage lately. It's fun to go from a short, guitar-heavy power pop song to a longer, folky ballad that has lots of vocal harmonies and no drums. So I guess I would say that the show is always changing, and it depends on what we are into at the time. 
Where can people who want to become more familiar with your music before your Kelowna show on November 15th find your music?

 The best place to go would be either facebook or our soundcloud page.

Anything you would like to add in closing?

Check out paperlions.com/download for a free download of our new acoustic EP "At Long Creek"

Castanet.net is proud to present this incredible show.

Paper Lions
Thursday, November 15th
9:30PM Showtime

Tickets: $10 + HST
Buy your tickets in advance at 97 Street Pub!
Ticket price includes a FREE $10 voucher for ORA Kitchen & Bar

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