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Donald Gives The Boot

Oct 29, 2004 / 9:03 am

Another first on NBC""s "The Apprentice" last night. In the boardroom, Donald Trump didn""t even let Apex""s project manager, Elizabeth, take two people into...

A New Sex In The City?

Oct 28, 2004 / 1:44 pm

Is it possible the women of "Desperate Housewives" are already beginning to behave like the ones from "Sex and the City"? Rumors are beginning to emerge that...

Rod Stewart Tops Charts

Oct 28, 2004 / 6:45 am

The American Film Institute honored Tom Cruise earlier this week at UCLA. Cruise took time out from shooting "War Of The Worlds" with Steven Spielberg so he...

Another Reality Show

Oct 27, 2004 / 3:47 pm

Yet still ANOTHER reality show, this time on the Food Network, which is looking for "The Next Food Network Star." The network will run a nationwide casting call...

Julia Roberts On Bed Rest

Oct 27, 2004 / 6:45 am

JULIA ROBERTS, who""s due to deliver twins in January, was admitted to a Los Angeles hospital Saturday. The Oscar winner""s husband, DANNY MODER, took her to an...

Hilton Taking Bus Ride

Oct 26, 2004 / 3:49 pm

PARIS HILTON and NICOLE RICHIE take off today from NYC for a month-long trip around the Northeast in a Greyhound bus for their third season of Fox TV""s "The...

Lindsay Lohan Taken Ill

Oct 26, 2004 / 6:45 am

Train, Janet Jackson & Usher were winners at the Radio Music Awards last night. This time Pop tart Ashlee Simpson sang for real. We think. The 19-year-old pop...

The Grudge Takes No. 1

Oct 25, 2004 / 4:25 pm

The Grudge, a low-budget horror movie starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, delivered an extra shock by selling $40 million worth of tickets in its first three days...

Ashlee Simpson Lip Syncs

Oct 25, 2004 / 6:45 am

SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR may have a grudge, but moviegoers don""t mind. Her new horror flick, The Grudge, debuted atop the box office with a frightening total of...

Trouble For Prince Harry

Oct 22, 2004 / 3:38 pm

ANGELINA JOLIE""s rep has shot down recurrent rumors that she is getting back together with ex-husband BILLY BOB THORNTON, telling the NY Daily News,...

Night Of Eliminations

Oct 22, 2004 / 12:19 pm

Enough questions and enough complaining... Little Stacy R, an attorney from New York City, is the latest "Apprentice" contestant to be vanquished from Donald...

Jackson Runs Up Bill

Oct 21, 2004 / 3:43 pm

Michael Jackson apparently forgot to check out. He ran up a $225,000 bill at the hotel where he hid away after being accused of child abuse. Jacko stayed at the...

Celine Unveils New Design

Oct 21, 2004 / 8:49 am

Celine Dion gave thousands of employees of Air Canada a thrill Tuesday and Wednesday, when she performed private concerts for them at airports in Toronto,...

Limited Edition iPods For U2

Oct 20, 2004 / 4:00 pm

U2 is working with Apple on custom iPods. Billboard.com says the announcement should come next week that the band will allow Apple to sell special, limited...

New Reality Show Premieres

Oct 20, 2004 / 1:49 pm

Everyone and their dog’s were tuned into the Yankees-BoSox game last night, but for the few that weren’t, NBC premiered the new reality show, The Biggest Loser....

CSI Most Watched Show

Oct 20, 2004 / 9:17 am

CSI and CSI: Miami helped CBS win the network ratings battle last week. CSI was the most-watched show with 28.9 million viewers. CBS had seven programs among...

Foxx Signs New Thriller

Oct 19, 2004 / 3:48 pm

With all the talk that he""d be half of the cotton wearing duo in an upcoming Miami Vice remake... Jamie Foxx has suddenly signed up for The Executioner""s...

New CD Doubles For Celine

Oct 19, 2004 / 8:52 am

Celine Dion should be writing Oprah Winfrey a big thank-you note right about now. After she appeared on Oprah last Thursday, sales of her new CD, Miracle,...

Doug And The Slugs Singer Dead

Oct 18, 2004 / 10:12 am

The lead singer of Doug and the Slugs died over the weekend at the age of 52. Doug Bennett was admitted to hospital in Calgary on October 9th, suffering acute...

Shark Tale #1

Oct 18, 2004 / 9:50 am

The puppets in "Team America: World Police" were no match for sharks and Texas high school football at the box office this past weekend. The animated Shark Tale...