Rashida Jones has crush on Mark Ruffalo

Rashida Jones admits she has a crush on Mark Ruffalo.

The 38-year-old actress has a soft spot for the 46-year-old hunk because he doesn't mind showing off his sensitive side, but he still manages to pull off being sexy as well.

When asked who her latest celebrity crush is, she replied: "There are so many! I'm going to go with Mark Ruffalo; he's kind of my all-time.

"He's such a good actor, and he's very vulnerable but manages to still be sexy, which is hard for a man."

Meanwhile, the brunette beauty, who practices Judaism, admits she can't help being superstitious about certain things and she once lost a piece of jewelery but, instead of going back to look for it, she left it because she thinks it's a sign that it's time to move on.

She explained to People.com: "[The last thing I lost was] a really pretty necklace at the airport. I have a weird superstition about jewelry: If it falls off, it's meant to fall off. It's some sort of symbol for moving on, so I didn't go back and try to find it. You kind of have to let go."

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