Oprah Winfrey warns Lindsay Lohan

Oprah Winfrey advised Lindsay Lohan to "cut the bulls**t" to get herself back on track.

The media mogul was seen meeting with the actress on last night's (03.23.14) episode of 'Lindsay' - which airs on the talk show host's OWN network - following complaints from production staff over her difficult behavior and poor time keeping, and advised her to "work on herself" and not "f**k up" the chance she had been given.

Oprah told Lindsay: "You need to relax, the most important work for you is the true spiritual work, your core beliefs about what is the essence of you and allowing the divine order or universal energy, I call it God, to work through you.

"You need to align with that, that is where your strength and power is. You need to start with the personal work on yourself.

"It is waiting there for you, you are here to teach us how to do it. I believe that you believe that this is your time to turn things around for yourself. If that is the case then you are not going to f**k this up.

"I know you are surprised to hear me say f**k. You need to cut the bulls**t you really do, just cut the bulls**t. You know what you need to do."

Oprah also advised the 'Mean Girls' star not to continue with the program if she didn't feel "ready" for it, but the 27-year-old actress - who has been to rehab six times - insisted she wanted to continue.

However, later in the episode she admitted to health and wellness coach AJ Johnson that she was finding it difficult being on camera constantly.

She said: "I thought that I signed up something where the cameras would just be there not a reality show. No offense to the Kardashians, they do a great job, but I do not ever want to be that.

"My recovery is sacred to me and my therapist and my friends at meetings. My sobriety is my life. It is the only part of my life that is private.

"I thought I could handle it and I can't. I felt so pressured to say yes and to listen to people and make everyone happy, but I should have taken more time. I am feeling a bit like I am slipping and it is scaring me. I want to feel like I felt two months ago before I started doing this.

"I do not want to lose something that I really appreciate in my life, my sanity. Nothing is more important than my sobriety and me being happy."


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