Lea Michele: 'Don't strive for fame'

Lea Michele doesn't think people should "strive for fame".

The 27-year-old star - who recently released her first solo album 'Louder' - thinks too many young people aspire to be a star rather than looking to do something they are really passionate about.

She told Bliss magazine: "A lot of people strive for fame and don't focus on finding something they're passionate about.

"There becomes this idea of a system where someone is better than you because they're famous, so you want to strive to be where they are, when the most important thing is to be the best you, and be your own personal motivator."

The 'Glee' actress has always been interested in singing and acting and says being famous is just an unfortunate part of the job rather than something she's always aspired to.

When asked if the intrusions into her personal life are worth it for being able to do the job that you love, she said: "That is a very weird part of this business. It's very strange that men sit outside my house in cars and wait to take a photo of me at the grocery store.

"Some days it's harder to deal with than others, but I try not to let it get the best of me."

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