Nelly Furtado 'challenged' working with husband

Nelly Furtado admits it can be "challenging" working with her husband.

The 'Say it Right' hitmaker has worked with her sound engineer spouse Demacio 'Demo' Castellon - who she married in 2008 - on two albums, 'Loose' in 2006 and 2009's 'Mi Plan' and though they share "healthy tension", their studio sessions usually result in "good things".

She told PEOPLE magazine: "It's a healthy tension working together. It doesn't always go smoothly, of course, and it can be really challenging when there are differences of opinion, which of course happens. But good things always tend to come out of it, and that's the whole point."

"We make it work because he's often doing his own thing. I go off and do my own thing, so it's not like we're working together all the time."

Nelly is returning to the recording studio later this year and is looking forward to her spouse to push her into creating work that is better than ever.

She added: "When we work together, he challenges me. That's what makes him so great in the studio. If it were an easy process, the final product wouldn't be very good, but he helps me to reach a little bit further. He pushes my boundaries."

And away from the studio, the 35-year-old singer - who has 10-year-old daughter Nevis with former boyfriend Jasper Gahunia - says she and her family have a "great life".

She said: "We're very blessed to have a beautiful family. We have a great life together. Life is good."

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