Miley Cyrus' love fears

Miley Cyrus worries she will never find someone who "loves her for who she is."

The 'Wrecking Ball' singer - who broke off her engagement with Liam Hemsworth last year and was recently romantically linked with Kellan Lutz - can't understand how she is viewed by guys and doesn't think she will find anyone who enjoys her outrageous antics.

A source said: "Miley has absolutely no self awareness. She doesn't see herself the way guys do.

"She'd love to be in a relationship - she worries she will never find someone who loves her for who she is - but she's totally unaware of why guys dump her."

Miley unveiled a drastic new image in 2013, with short, dyed hair, skimpy revealing outfits, songs referencing drugs and popularizing the raunchy dance move Twerking, but experts say these things could put men off.

Psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman told Life & Style magazine: "She flaunts her sexuality to get attention, and that makes a man feel like he can't keep up."

The 21-year-old star's friends add that behind the strong image, Miley is still unsure of herself.

A source said: "Miley wants nothing more than to have someone who's there for her when she needs them. She gets lonely and needs lots of attention."


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