Cate Blanchett is happy to grow old gracefully

Cate Blanchett won't have cosmetic surgery to reverse the ageing process.

The 44-year-old actress isn't worried about getting older and has no intention of having any cosmetic procedures to try and make her look younger.

Cate told the latest French issue of Marie Claire magazine: "[I'm not scared of growing old.] Should I be? What for? Who would want a face that hasn't seen or lived properly, hasn't got any wrinkles that come with age, experience and laughter? Not me, anyway. We're all travelling in the same direction."

The 'Blue Jasmine' star also opened up about her and her husband Andrew Upton's three sons, Roman, Ignatius and Dashiell, describing her kids as "magnificent boys".

And Cate insists it's important to her that they remain grounded despite their privileged upbringing.

She said: "If they know how to cut wood, light a fire, ride horses and will always help an old lady cross the road, then we won't have done too badly as parents."

Cate is originally from Melbourne, Australia, and now lives with her family at the 1877 Bulwarra sandstone mansion located in the harbour-side Sydney suburb Hunters Hill.

The Academy Award-winning actress is proud to be an Australian and believes she and her countrymen are "good company" and great fun.

She mused: "I don't think Australians are any less pretentious than other people. But it's true that we're generally good company and we don't pay attention to social class."

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