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Lohan sued for hitting nanny

Gee, I was wondering where Lindsay Lohan had disappeared to!  She’s been out of the headlines for at least a week!

But alas, Lohan hits the headlines once again with yet another lawsuit, and not by a crazy person this time.  It is weird though that it took over a year to come to light!

This girl just can’t seem to get a leg up.

Apparently back in September 2010, the *actress* was seen running a red light in Hollywood, and hit a nanny who was pushing a stroller across the intersection.

Lohan took off it seems, but was witnessed by a paparazzi who said that it was a “major hit”!

The photographer claims to have seen Lohan’s sport car hit the nanny in the leg, and lifted three of the stroller’s wheels off the ground in the impact.

The photographer also said he heard crying from the stroller, but that the child did not appear to be hurt.  It was not clear at the time though if the nanny sustained any injury.

When the photographer was asked by police why he didn’t come forward sooner, he said he didn’t have good reason to.

"I should have. I'm not sure," he told tabloid website TMZ. "I didn't want to get involved."

There is talk that the photographer and another paparazzo might have caught the incident on video, but nothing has surfaced as of yet. The nanny has reportedly filed a suit for unspecified damages against Lohan.

There is still no word on whether the nanny had any injuries from the accident or why she didn’t file the lawsuit or any police charges at the time.

Lohan is also currently being sued by a guy claiming she had backed out of a dot com business deal with him because he had discovered that she had ties to the death of Osama Bin Laden. 

The man – who is clearly off his rocker – is also alleging that Lohan is a “high-end prostitute.”

Glenn Close Grew up in Cult

It is surprising to learn sometimes how some of today’s stars grew up, and the struggles they endured to get where they are!

Glenn Close, who is up for a Best Actress Oscar for her role as a cross-dressing butler in ‘Albert Nobbs’ - a film in which she also co-wrote and produced - fessed up about growing up in a cult for over 15 years!

At the age of 7, Close’s family decided to join the conservative organization called Moral Re-Armament, in which she lived until the age of 22, after touring with the musical group ‘Up With People’ – also part of the organization – before deciding to go to college.

"It was a cult where everyone was told to think alike, and that's devastating." Close said. 

She does attribute her success however to her time spent there, saying that it certainly helped her to become a better performer.

Close, now a 64 year-old, continued with, “but it also gives you a huge sense of looking from the outside in, and I think that in many ways that has been very good as an actor, because you are somebody who is asked to go into a character.... I always felt that I was held together with Scotch tape and paper clips and, as an actor, that's good."

Actress Rose McGowan also admitted recently that she grew up as a member of a cult, living nine years in Italy with her father in the ‘Children of God’ Sect.  Her family eventually escaped.

Close will be going up against such nominees as Meryl Streep for ‘The Iron Lady’, Michelle Williams for ‘My Week with Marilyn’, Viola Davis for ‘The Help’, and Rooney Mara for ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ for the Best Actress title.

The Academy Awards will air on Sunday February 26th.

The ‘Hamm-O-Gram’

Don’t know what to get that sad, lonely, single girlfriend for Valentine’s this year? 

How about the gift that keeps on giving;  the ‘Hamm-O-Gram’, a telegram that includes a picture of Jon Hamm, telling her how much he loves her!

For only 5 bucks, you can send your friend a personalized love note from the hot, manly actor himself (well, I’m sure it’s not actually from him), and a picture of him to hang on her wall, to dream of the day when that tall, dark, handsome stranger will waltz into her life and sweep her away!

Heck, I might send one to myself!

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