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Facebook to force Timeline

If you haven’t switched already, it might be time to do so. 

Why not, as Facebook’s just going to make you do it anyway!

As of Tuesday, Facebook has been informing people that they have a week to clean up their profiles. I myself have not, as of yet, received this message, but I know it’s coming as the social site will be rolling out the requirement over the next few weeks.

Personally, I’m afraid to switch! 

I’m not a huge fan of having my face splashed banner-style across my main page (disregard the banner on this column).  I’m also not a huge fan of people being able to go back into my older posts easily. 

As of now, you have to keep hitting ‘older posts’, scrolling through hundreds, if not thousands of past items till you find the one you want – I’m happy with that, as most people don’t care enough, especially new friends, to go that far back.

Why fix it if it ain’t broken?

Even if you haven’t logged in to the site in quite some time, you will be automatically switched.

Timeline doesn’t really expose anything that wasn’t already available, and in all honesty, if you don’t want people to see something, then you should have never posted in the first place. 

It just means certain things will be more visible, or that the chance of something you posted back in 2007 could come back to haunt you!

If you are like me, and haven’t switched to Timeline yet due to fear of what may lie beneath or due to sheer laziness, here are a few tips to help clean up your profile before Facebook accidentally airs some dirty laundry:

  • You can change privacy settings on individual items to control who has access. You may want to slim down on the embarrassing photos or delete some posts completely.  I myself have a habit of already removing tags of silly photos that others have taken!
  • You can change the date on a post – this one I found interesting!  For example, if you took a few months to post photos from a trip you took, you can move them to appear with other posts from the time you took that trip. You can also add where you were, retroactively using a location feature that Facebook hadn't offered before. 
  • For major pictures or posts, you can click on a star to show them more prominently on your page.  You can also hide the posts you don’t want to be front and centre.
  • If you don’t really want to start going through all your posts, start with the oldest ones first, as those are the ones you probably need to be more concerned about.  I think a ‘delete all posts after this date’ function might have been appropriate here!
  • If you click on the Activity Log, you can see all of your posts at a glance and make changes to them one by one – which feels like a HUGE hassle!  I’d start with opening two tabs; one for the older posts and one with the new Timeline so you can see what you are doing.

No matter which way you look at though, this all feels like a big pain in my behind!

Thank-you Facebook for being so *user friendly*!  I know change is good, but why does it need to be so drastic? 


Dirty ‘Family Feud’

‘Name something an airline pilot might be holding during a long flight’…

The rules for ‘Family Feud’ are that an answer goes up on the board if more than two people surveyed say it. 

Apparently three out of the 100 people asked had their minds in a completely different, um, area!
Watch the reaction of some of the contestants when answer number six pops up on the board!

I am actually amazed that they didn’t scrap the question. 

Kudos must go to the producers, because this is hilarious!

Darling Companion

Movies about animals are not really my thing, but with this amazing cast, I might have to step out of my box a little!
In this film by Lawrence Kasdan - who directed such classics as ‘The Big Chill’, ‘Silverado’, and a slew of other films -

Diane Keaton heads an all-star cast about a family whose dog has run off, and the newfound relationship that is built between a husband and wife while searching for her ‘Darling Companion’.

When Beth (Keaton) brings home a stray dog that she found on the freeway (which she affectionately names him), her husband Joseph (Kevin Kline) is completely against it, however with the house empty of children and her husband at work all the time, Beth insists on keeping him for company.

When the couple takes a trip up to their vacation home in the Rocky Mountains for a wedding, Joseph leaves the dog unattended while talking on the phone, letting Freeway take a run for it!

Beth, now totally distraught, enlists the help of the guests who have stayed behind and a mysterious young woman who ‘feels’ that the dog is still alive.

The film also stars Dianne Wiest, Richard Jenkins and Sam Shepard as the remaining guests.

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