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Andy Dick Roughs Up Tourist

Andy Dick, who has been accused of numerous horrible things while being intoxicated, - such as pulling down a 17-year olds’ top and groping two men at a comedy show - has now gone and beat up a tourist in Hollywood!

Probably not the kinda of hit he was looking for!

The LAPD are searching for the former ‘NewsRadio’ star to question him on a recently filed battery charge, claiming that Dick went crazy on a tourist when he tried to take the comedian’s picture.

According to the report, Andy grabbed the tourist by the collar and tried to wrestle the camera away.
The tourist managed to fight the little guy off…  and Dick quickly fled the scene.

The cops have yet to see the footage and are anxiously waiting, as the whole incident may be caught on tape.

Dick has not yet made any comment.

Celebrity Wife Swap: Nash and Yothers

Has anyone caught ‘Celebrity Wife Swap’ on Tuesday nights yet? If not, it’s time to check it out as this week’s episode was certainly a sort of “fish out of water” experience for both of its stars!

This past Tuesday had comedienne Niecy Nash, and former child star Tina Yothers, of ‘Family Ties’ fame, switching it up into entirely different worlds.

Yothers is now completely out of the Hollywood life, and lives the simple one with her family out in suburbia land.
Nash however is a busy actress and loves the glitz and glamour of the Hollywood lifestyle.

Once they switched, both end up having difficulties adjusting to their new lives.  Especially Nash, who doesn’t like anything involving the outdoors or wilderness very much!

Yothers had a rough time of it at the spa, and was clearly uncomfortable saying, "I'm happy in my flip flops...this whole Hollywood thing and the pampering, it's just not for me."

Her uneasiness became apparent as during one part of the show, Yothers took a spill in her high heels, while walking down the boulevard with a couple of Nash’s friends!

In the clip below, Nash is so unimpressed with the experience of camping that she high tails it out of there, choosing instead to sleep at a hotel rather than in a tent!

Piers Morgan Not a Fan of Madonna’s Arms

Piers Morgan recently made an appearance on ‘The View’, and when asked by the hosts of the show what he thought of Madonna’s acceptance speech at the Golden Globes last Sunday, he didn’t hold anything back.

The ladies asked what Morgan thought of Madonna’s overly muscular arm’s, his response; “Grotesque. Why would any woman want to look like a caveman? I’m serious.”

He went on to say what she was “banned” from his show “mainly because of the arms,” and then added “I don’t want arms like that on my show. Long sleeves, maybe she can come on.”


Last year, Morgan banned the Queen of Pop because he thinks she’s “too boring”.

Poor Madge, this is the second time this week she’s taken a hit in public. 

Earlier in the week, Elton John and his hubby David Furnish, decided to let it be known how disappointed they were with her win for Best Song at the Golden Globes, calling her acceptance speech “narcissistic” and writing on Facebook, “Madonna. Best Song???? F*** Off!!!” 

John, however, has always been known to be a bit of a sore loser! 

Sassy Pants

How long has it been since Haley Joel Osment has been in a film?

The young star of flicks like ‘The Sixth Sense’,‘A.I. Artificial Intelligence’ and ‘Secondhand Lions’ (his last major film since 2003), has been absent from the screen for quite some time, instead choosing to make his debut on Broadway, working on voiceovers for the video game series ‘Kingdom Hearts’ and finishing school at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts – following a DUI back in 2006 of course, which every Hollywood child star needs to get under his belt at least once!

This new trailer for the film ‘Sassy Pants’ has Osment playing the role of Chip Hardy, the gay lover of a man (played by Diedrich Bader) whose daughter (Ashley Rickards) attempts to get a job before going away to college. 

Complicating matters for the girl, is her overbearing mother (Anna Gunn of ‘Breaking Bad’), who is attempting to pursued her daughter to take online college so she can stay at home, and safe with her mom.

Osment is next set to star in ‘Wake the Dead’, a retelling of sorts of the classic Franskenstein story where he will be playing a modern day college student named Victor Franklin, who begins to experiment with raising the dead.

The film is based on a graphic novel by Steve Niles (’30 Days of Night’) and being producer by Slasher Films, a production company that was launched by former Gun’s and Roses guitarist, Slash.

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