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Russell Crowe on Republic of Doyle!

How does a CBC show land a top notch A-lister like Russell Crowe?

Through mutual friends, that’s how!

Russell Crowe has been buddies with ‘Great Big Sea’ frontman Alan Doyle for several years, recently collaborating on the digitally released album ‘The Crowe/Doyle Songbook, Volume III’.

Allan Hawco, star and creator of ‘Republic of Doyle,’ has been friends with Doyle for quite some time as well; both being from Newfoundland and all!

“This really has to do with the level of respect I have for Allan Hawco,” Crowe said during an interview over the summer. 
“I knew through Alan that this was one of the things that Hawco and (show co-creator Perry Chafe) had been talking about, saying 'Hey, wouldn't it be funny if we could.'”

The season opener, which will premiere next Wednesday January 20th, will also feature a reunion of sorts of the Merry Men (from Crowe’s 2010 flick ‘Robin Hood’,) as it also welcomes guests Scott Grimes and Kevin Durand.

"I contacted Allan and said 'Look, if you want to do this, and bring the guys together, there's a certain legacy here with what we've done before. If you can come up with a storyline that puts the team of guys together inside the world of "Republic of Doyle," then it's no skin off my nose,'" said Crowe.

Hawco himself really doesn’t believe in the whole guest star tactic to bring in new viewers, but if it helps, he’s all for it!
“It certainly won't hurt.  Russell's truly one of my favourite actors out there. Of actors you want to emulate or you want to learn from, he's one of those people. I think a lot of people in the world feel that way about him.”

“If anything, I hope his appearance brings some people who wouldn't necessarily give the show a chance, but who I feel in my gut would like it if they would. That would be lovely."

Also guest starring in the third season will be rocker Gene Simmons’ woman, Shannon Tweed!

If you haven’t seen the show, it is certainly worth the watch, and it sounds like this season is going to be one of the best yet!

CBC Interview with Hawco, Crowe, and Doyle

Season 3 premiere trailer

Lohan to Possibly Play Liz Taylor

Entertainment Weekly just dropped news that Lindsay Lohan is in early talks to play iconic Elizabeth Taylor in a Lifetime movie about the actress, focusing on Taylor’s relationship with two-time husband Richard Burton, entitled ‘Elizabeth & Richard: A Love Story’.

Is this a wise choice of casting?

I guess there are some similarities between the two; Taylor also began her career at a seriously young age and grew up in the spotlight, which showcased all of her ups and down throughout her life.

Even though Taylor never ended up in prison, she certainly made her fair share of questionable life decisions!

Taylor recently passed away last March at the age of 79.

Lohan’s last role was in the flick ‘Machete’ and she recently just did a *spread* in Playboy, which scored some major sales for the magazine. 

Maybe it’s time Lohan actually scored with a film, as it was just revealed that the starlet owes over $90,000 in back taxes from 2009 - which if she doesn’t pay up soon, the IRS will start going after her assets! 

Ouch!  I bet she’s crossing her legs she lands the Taylor gig!

Betty White Turns 90!

Wow, I sure hope I’m in as great of shape as Betty White when I turn 90! 

This woman has been blessed with some seriously awesome genes!

White celebrated her birthday on January 8th (her actual birthday is on January 17th) with a slew of stars for the NBC event ‘A Tribute to America’s Golden Girl’, which will air on Monday on the channel.

NBC and Canada’s CTV has also just picked up White’s new show called ‘Off Their Rockers’, where seniors play pranks on us younger folks!

‘Off Their Rockers’ is set to air on Monday as well, right before her tribute!

Kristen Bell Covers Up Tattoos

In this ‘Funny or Die’ video, Kristen Bell, star of the fantastic new show ‘House of Lies’, which premiered on Showtime (Movie Central in Canada) on January 8th, shows us what she goes through every day in the make-up trailer!

Bell hams it up by poking fun at celebrities that have massive tattoos, which require tons of make-up to cover them for certain characters.

Bell has “214 professional tattoos” and nine she did herself – well, not really.  They are fakes (we hope).
My personal favorite, as well as hers, is the tattoo on her left tricep: "a tattoo of a tattooed 'tween listening to the bands t.A.T.u. and Ween on the planet Tataouine."  It’s from the Star Wars universe!

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