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Beyonce Baby Drama

It seems the over-the-top security measures that Beyonce and Jay-Z took during the birth of their new daughter last week ticked off some of the other couples also having children at the hospital!

The security was so tight on Sat Jan 7th at Lenox Hill Hospital (the day that little *baby* Blue Ivy Carter was born) that other couples having their children on that weekend became second rate!

A 38 year-old contractor whose wife had given birth to twins via c-section prematurely, was denied access numerous times to see his children by the celeb couple’s security team.  

"Three times they stopped me from entering or exiting the NICU (Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit) and it happened once on Friday — just because they wanted to use the hallway. They should have been more strategic about it," he told the NY Daily News. "These are children with problems in intensive care and you're just going to take over the hospital like you own it? All I want is an apology."

It apparently cost over $1.3 million for Beyonce and Jay-Z to security proof the ward.  The hospital was preparing for the delivery the Friday before, holding meetings all day regarding security protocol!

Not all celebs are this thorough or pompous, however.  Britney Spears gave birth to both her sons with nearly no security.  Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise decided to have Suri in the middle of the night in secret.  Neither felt the need to shut down an entire floor!

The hospital is denying reports that they went to such extreme measures; they said they didn’t realize that other parents were having difficulties seeing their newborns.

An apology was issued to the contractor and his wife, but both are saying that it’s not enough.

Beiber Gets ‘Jesus’ Tattoo

Who gets a picture of Jesus on the back of their calf? 

Canadian teen pop icon, Justin Beiber. That’s who! 
Who knew he was such a devotee!

Beiber was at Venice Beach in LA with his dad when this picture was taken on January 4th of his recent leg art.
I remember being 17 and wanting a tattoo…  I also remember my parents threatening to disown me if I did! 

Beiber also has a tattoo of a Dove and ‘Jesus’ spelled in Hebrew script.

CBC getting in on Gosling’s ‘Hey Girl’ Memes

CBC Live looks to be getting on the Ryan Gosling meme action!

It occurred to the folks at CBC Live that Gosling, being Canadian and all, deserved his own CBC version of ‘Hey Girl’, as the memes are number one on CBC’s list of ‘The Best Memes of 2011’.

Some of the memes include: “Hey Girl, I was just watching The Nature of Things and I think you and I should move to the country and start an organic farm”, “Hey Girl, one of the reasons I love CBC radio is that I never have to take my eyes off you”, and my personal favorite “Hey Girl, let’s redecorate… you be Steven, I’ll be Chris”. 

To see the rest of the memes, click here!

Ahhh, CBC…  you’re so funny!

Thin Ice

Getting a limited release after appearing at the Sundance Film Festival last year, ‘Thin Ice’ (AKA ‘The Convincer’) stars Greg Kinnear as an insurance salesman looking for a way to jump start his business and reunite with his estranged wife (Lea Thompson), only to get tangled up in con way bigger than he could have ever imagined!

Mickey (Kinnear) is a lying, conniving insurance salesman who comes across a lonely old farmer (Alan Arkin), who is sitting on an antique violin worth upwards of $25 grand!

Mickey decides to basically steal the violin; however, plans turn topsy-turvy when a crazy locksmith (Billy Crudup) interrupts Mickey in the middle of it, and offs a neighbor who has just happened to stop by.

Now Mickey must come up with some money to appease the locksmith and sell the violin before everything comes to a head.

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