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Out on Video - Tue Jan 10

Out on video this week: A former baseball player turned general manager attempts to reinvent how the sport recruits it’s players, a retired gun-for-hire must save his friend and mentor from a deranged sheikh, a woman rehashes her lovers of past to see if she may have missed out on ‘The One’, and a resentful sorceress seeks revenge on those who put her into exile.

Killer Elite

Contract killer Danny (Jason Statham) is looking to get out of the business after his last job in Mexico went south.

Just as Danny is about to escape the life, his friend and mentor, Hunter (Robert DeNiro) is kidnapped by a Dubai Sheikh.

Danny must now complete Hunter’s assignment: to kill the three men responsible for murdering the sheikh’s three oldest sons, who all happen to be British Special Air Service agents!

Danny assembles a team and quickly gets to work, drawing the attention of a former Air Service agent operative named Spike (Clive Owen), who will do anything to protect his men.


Based on the true story of the Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane (Brad Pitt), who pairs up with an accountant named Peter (Jonah Hill) to help him assemble a new team of players on a tight budget, essentially attempting to revolutionize how players are recruited to the sport.

The players being recruited are those who have been passed on by other scouts due to age, attitude or playing style. 

All the players however have an ability to get on base, score runs and win games!

Rating: 4 out of 5  You don’t have to love baseball to enjoy this well-written and equally well-acted film; in fact, you can even hate the game but still love the film. It’s not as great as some critics have hyped it up to be, but this one’s still highly recommended. 

What’s Your Number?

While riding the subway after losing her job, Ally (Anna Faris) discovers an article that states the average woman has around ten lovers in her lifetime; but reach 20, and the possibility of finding true love becomes next to nil!

This strikes fear into Ally as, at last count, she has reached 19 – only one shy of losing out! 

Ally, rather than face her 20th possible disaster, decides to track down all of her exes, one by one, to determine if any of them was actually the love of her life! 

She enlists the help of her extremely hot neighbor, Colin (played by Chris Evans), who is a playboy in his own right, and is desperately trying to ESCAPE his past list of lovers!

I think we all know how this one is going to end up!

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 – This one is mainly for the ladies! Pretty darn predictable but it did have some great laughs and a lot of Chris Evans - close to naked!  The movie could have been on mute!

The Tempest

This film version of Shakespeare’s play ‘shakes’ it up a bit with Helen Mirren playing the main role of Prospero, or in this film version, Prospera.

Prospera, Duchess of Milan and a powerful sorceress, has been exiled on an island with her daughter Miranda (Felicity Jones), cast out of her homeland by her brother, Antonio (Chris Cooper).

Twelve years later, Antonio is transporting the King of Naples (David Strathairn) back to his kingdom, coming across the island where his sister dwells. 

To exact her revenge, Prospera conjures up a tempest, and the entire party is shipwrecked on the island.

Also starring Russell Brand, Ben Whishaw, Alfred Molina, Djimon Hounsou, and Alan Cumming.

Also Out: Paranormal Activity 3, The Chameleon, A Turtle’s Tale, and Brighton Rock

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