Dan in Ottawa Apr 2017

Lumber war looming?

Apr 27, 2017 / 3:00 pm

This week, the U.S. administration announced that Canadian softwood lumber will face new duties ranging from three per cent up to 24 per cent. The highest...

Cannabis changes coming

Apr 20, 2017 / 3:00 pm

Last week, the Liberal government introduced the much anticipated marijuana legalization bill, technically known as Bill C-45 The Cannabis Act. The Liberals...

PM breaks another promise

Apr 13, 2017 / 11:00 am

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the federal Liberals have ticked off another item on their bucket list of broken promises. They set the stage for the latest...

Bombardier still taking flak

Apr 6, 2017 / 3:00 pm

The major theme in Ottawa is still Bombardier after it was reported that six company executives were to receive $32 million in bonuses. As many of you might...