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MediaCrush offers another way to share large files

I’ve written lots about file sharing sites like Minus (http://minus.com/), Copy (http://copy.com/), and even the file sharing capabilities of Dropbox (https://db.tt/q6qnaXq). Recently I found a site called MediaCrush (https://mediacru.sh/) that is extremely easy to use, free, and very fast.

MediaCrush handles over 500 different types of image, video and audio files, and everything I’ve tried works and works fast. I uploaded a couple of HUGE image files here: https://mediacru.sh/I2ghMn53Fuwy and here: https://mediacru.sh/1IErbCxGRaoY and a 10-second video here: https://mediacru.sh/6Nmd4CE8jDiW. Uploading is as simple as dragging and dropping your file into the MediaCrush window. When your file finishes uploading, share the link privately or publicly. It’s up to you. I like Minus and Copy a lot, but I do find they won’t handle some files. And in comparison, MediaCrush seems blazing fast. If you need to share large files or lots of files, give MediaCrush a try.

Something interesting is going on at Yahoo

There was a time when I used Yahoo to search the web, Yahoo mail, Yahoo groups, and I can’t remember what all else. Then, Google came along and stole my heart. It’s not just me. That’s a fairly typical story. Lots of folks abandoned Yahoo and headed for Google. As a consequence, Yahoo has been trying desperately to reinvent itself, and that’s not all bad.

The latest addition to Yahoo is a site called Yahoo Tech (http://www.yahoo.com/tech), headed up by David Pogue, formerly of the New York Times. Pogue introduces the site in a short video here: http://www.yahoo.com/tech/-72559518990.html. Not everyone thinks David Pogue is as funny and entertaining as David Pogue does, so if you’d rather read about it, check this post: http://www.yahoo.com/tech/an-introduction-to-yahoo-tech-72496546299.html. In short, the site is supposed to be about technology for people who are not “gearheads.” It’s beautiful, it doesn’t flash at you, there are no annoying popup ads (at least at this point), and there is some wonderful writing. Check it out.

Grokker uses HD videos to showcase cooking, fitness and yoga

The Grokker website tells us the Grokker story:

The seeds of Grokker were sown in 2012 when CEO and Founder, Lorna Borenstein, a retired internet executive, avid yogini and home chef, was on vacation with her husband and three children. Thinking she lived in the age of easy access to great video, Lorna brought her iPad on holiday, and planned to spend the trip cooking amazing meals and practicing yoga from videos starring noted experts. To her great surprise and frustration these Premium Expert Videos simply didn't exist.

What I like about that story is that she went on to create a site where these Premium Expert Videos actually do exist. You can view hundreds of very high quality videos by subject matter experts. You can find and organize the videos by subject, or you can “follow” a particular expert’s videos. Grokker will suggest videos for you to watch based on what you’ve already watched and on the preferences you state when you register, and it will organize collections for you.

Grokker is in Beta now, and everything is free, although you do have to register with the site to access the premium content. It looks like a paid version of the site is in the works. Point your browser to http://grokker.com/ and enjoy it for free now, while you can.


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