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Surf's up

Kelowna surfer and filmmaker Carey Missler braved the chilly winter conditions at Antlers Beach in Peachland on Monday to capture Jason Stang catching a wave.

Missler is gearing up to finish the final clips of "The Canadian Surfer Movie", a production that follows Missler and the crew as they tell the stories of different surfers, surf culture and communities all over Canada.

Although the film will take Missler from coast to coast, it's the waves at his front door in the Okanagan which really sparked his passion for telling the story.

Some time ago, Missler joined a club called the Peachland Surf Junkies. They surf the Peachland Pier, jump off cliffs at Rattlesnake Island and brave the murky waters of Okanagan Lake.

It was that club, just 20 minutes from where he lived, which initiated the project to find other surf groups, clubs and people who all share the same love for surfing as the 'Junkies'.

After the film is produced Missler hopes to open a surf garden in Kelowna, for all ages to learn surfing.

Check out the raw footage of Monday's action at Antlers Beach.

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