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Over $9000 raised for cancer patients

Ex Nihilo Vineyards raised $9,600 at the third annual Titz-Elation, a Women’s Only cancer fundraising costume party back on Saturday, October 20.

The fundraiser helped to save a special program called “Managing Life with Cancer”, which was to be canceled due to lack of funding.

“After speaking with individuals who had taken the program, we felt committed to do what we could to keep it available in our community,” said Proprietor Decoa Harder.

The program has an annual budget of $5,500 and as the event raised enough to cover the costs of the program the extra funds will go to local female cancer patients who have young children.

According to Harder there are mothers in the community who suddenly experience additional financial strain, such as childcare, loss of work, travel expenses, as they pursue treatments for some aggressive cancers.

"Our goal is to take a little bit of financial stress away, so that they can focus on healing and get back to being ‘Mom’. We feel every little bit helps," she stated.

‘I had a very special aunt who passed away at the age of 48 from cancer that had originated as breast cancer. It has been a personal goal to support cancer patients and Titz-Elation is exactly the kind of event my aunt would have loved," Harder said.

The night included food and wine music, outrageous costumes, touching personal stories, and much more fun, games and prizes, including a Live and Silent Auction.    

"Managing Life With Cancer: Skills to Live By" is a course offered to cancer patients and their support persons.
Cancer patients and their families are faced with the task of finding a "new normal" in the face of an illness that can leave them feeling isolated, hopeless and powerless.  This program offers practical information, support and a chance to network with others who are also living with the challenges of cancer.

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