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Lake Country lights up Halloween sky

The threat of rain didn't deter Lake Country residents from turning out en mass for the municipality's annual Halloween celebration.

Several hundred people hit Beasley Park in Winfield Wednesday night for the annual bonfire and fireworks show.

"From our perspective it was a good night," says Lake Country assistant fire chief, Brent Penner.

"It was a really wet first part of the day and I didn't think we would get too many people out for the event but it ended up being a large showing and a really good show."

The fireworks show lasted about 12 minutes.

"Fireworks are illegal here in Lake Country, like they are everywhere else in the Central Okanagan," says Penner.

"It provides a professional venue where everyone can watch a nice, organized event. It's more of a community service event."

While the event is put on each year by the Lake Country Fire Department, Penner says it couldn't happen without the cooperation of the municipality and the business community.

Penner says the wood for the bonfire was donated by Northern Log and Timber.

"It's actually quite a coordinated event. The parks department is involved, our engineering department is involved and we're involved (fire department)," says Penner.

He says the fireworks are purchased at a 50 per cent discount for being involved in the Fire Chief's Association.

"We get a pretty decent show at a pretty decent price."

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