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Shots fired at RCMP


RCMP have two men and one woman in custody following a wild high speed chase down Westside Road.

Details are sketchy, however, things appeared to have started about 1:30 Tuesday afternoon when shots were fired at RCMP members on Westlake Road in West Kelowna.

The suspects took off along Westlake Road and started making their way toward Kelowna on Highway 97.

Police set up a road block at the William R. Bennett Bridge, however, the suspects exited the highway at Westside Road.

The suspects began in a Grey Dodge Caravan but eventually changed vehicles to a red pick-up and finally to a black truck.

Witnesses along Westside Road say at least 12 to 15 police vehicles were involved in the chase at very high speeds.

At one point during the chase an RCMP officer following the suspects stated he was being fired upon.

Officer 1: "He's shooting at me, he's shooting at me. He's shooting at me with a rifle."

Officer 2: "We're coming buddy, we're coming as fast as we can."

Officer 1: "The guy has rear ended me. He's trying to push me off the road. I can't turn off because he's going to shoot at me more. He's coming at me and he's rear ending me."

At one point police deployed a spike belt and it may have taken out one or both of the vehicle's front tires.

The suspects eventually fled on foot heading toward Swan Lake near Vernon.

Two men and a woman were all arrested near the Swan Lake turnoff.

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