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Tim Tebow scores with Katy Perry

So many Super Bowl-related stories, so little time.

The story with the biggest Internet buzz this morning appears to be surrounding singer MIA, and her inappropriate gesture towards the camera.

She flipped the bird, but it all went down so fast that almost everyone missed it.

America’s got its collective panties in a bunch (that’s one big mess) over this, and even NBC has come forth and apologized for letting it slip.

If you’re keeping score at home: Flipping the bird for .003 seconds of camera time = BAD, while crotch shots of Madonna as she does semi-cartwheels for multiple seconds of camera time = OK.

All NBC wants to do right now is *poom* *poom* *poom* *poom* and a take her money.

For the record, Madonna’s half time show, regardless of how often she lip-synced, was damn good and didn’t miss a beat. Very entertaining, and isn’t that what we want out of a half-time show?

Another much more gossipy story floating around that there interweb thing today is about Tim Tebow.

Because really, hasn’t the bulk of media attention this NFL season been all about Tebow anyway? Why should the Super Bowl be any different?

Anyway, here’s how things supposedly went down: Katy Perry, performing at a pre-Super Bowl concert in Indianapolis (her first US concert since her split with Russell Brand), dedicated a song to Tebow. 

Maybe not such a big deal, but Tebow was also getting some love thrown his way from entertainment correspondent Maria Menounos. Menounos and Tebow were apparently flirting into the late night hours.

This all sounds very innocent, and may very well be a case of harmless flirting for Tebow, a self-professed virgin.

But, because the devil must have been hanging around Indy this weekend (otherwise all of Gisele Bundchen’s pre-game prayers clearly would have been answered), his work may have come into play.

Here’s how it probably went down: the devil thrusts upon Tebow the most glorious bounties of both Perry and Menounos, and forces him to choose.

Tebow makes a run for Perry and is told to play a game of  ‘hide the holy scepter’ with her.

Having kissed a girl once (and apparently he liked it), Tebow goes for it.

But just as they’re about to Tebow together, the devil changes the ‘OW’ in his name to ‘AG’, and for the first time this season, Tim Tebow is confused.

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