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“Our plans were shelved when Jason’s hours were cut back to almost none in September 2008,” Melissa says.  “The bills began to pile up.  Within a few months we were in a deep hole.  Finally, we had to admit that we were beyond the point where we could make ends meet; we turned to the Kelowna Food Bank for help."

"Honestly, I don’t know how we would have managed without them.  On top of our family basket, we received a weekly hamper for the baby and a snack pack for Holly.  The snack pack has a week’s supply of good stuff like fresh fruit, yogurt and granola bars.  The lady there told us that it’s a program for kids in day care and school." 

Holly, who was six, loved the cheese sticks.  It was nice for her to have something tasty to look forward to at recess.  Although we did our best to keep our troubles from Holly, she was old enough to understand what we were going through.  Some days she would pretend to not like the cheese telling me to put it in Daddy’s lunch.  

"It broke my heart, but I was very proud of how she wanted to make sure that her father had enough to eat while he was out looking for work.”

Things have improved for Holly’s family in 2012

“Thanks to the Food Bank, we made it through.  Jason got his ticket and is working full time on the new Highway 97 project and I am working part-time.  We haven’t been to the Food Bank in over a year but the experience has left a lasting impression on Holly.  She tells me that when she grows up she wants to work there so that no one will ever have to go hungry.”

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