Living with cancer, one day at a time
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A letter to the Food Bank

Being diagnosed with terminal cancer would be frightening for anyone.  Now imagine adding loss of income, home and community to this difficult time.
Meet Raymond and Manuel, a family facing this reality after Raymond was diagnosed with cancer. Manuel has quit working so that he can provide full time care to Raymond.  They re-located from the West Kootenays for medical treatment at the BC Cancer Agency.

October 5, 2012

Dear Lenetta and Friends at the Kelowna Food Bank,

Thursday October 4th was our monthly pick-up day at the Food Bank. 

Once again, we were very moved by the kindness and generosity of the entire team. We continue to be so grateful for the ongoing assistance that we are receiving from our regular allocations, the Special Needs Hamper for Raymond that is providing nutrition supports to help deal with his on-going struggle with the side-effects from his cancer-related treatments.

Of particular benefit, has been the recent assistance through the BC Association of Farmer’s Market Nutrition Coupon Program that has been supplementing Raymond’s essential supply of fresh fruits and vegetables over the past weeks. 
On Thursday we appreciated the kind greeting and reception that we received from the Staff and Volunteers alike: Richard and Bob in the Client Services area; together with the gentle treatment that we received from Mike, Evelyn, Gord and Judy on the distribution line.
Gregg was kind enough to help us out to the vehicle with our hamper.  Please extend our gratitude to everyone.
We wish you all the best for Thanksgiving and recognize that it is with your assistance that we too are able to ‘celebrate’ with grateful hearts.

Best regards,
Manuel and Raymond

'Every day is a struggle, but with the help and support of many, including the Kelowna Bank, this family is beating the odds.'

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