120 dogs tied up

“What I am about to post is not for the warm hearted,” said a woman who posted an alarming video to Facebook, that has garnered over a million views.

Natasha Guerriero and Dylan Blake attended Toronto Adventures, a dog sledding company on Sunday located at 5653 on 8 Line North in Moonstone, Ont.

When they arrived, they found hundreds of dogs chained up, sleeping and eating in their feces.

The animal cruelty videos have been shared over 57,000 times as on Monday morning with thousands of comments expressing disgust.

“These dogs LIVE all day and all night with broken wooden houses and straw to keep them warm,” said Guerriero.

The couple spoke to people working at the site and said “not to get too close because they don’t get washed very often.”

“I proceeded to ask if the dogs were ever let off the chains to go in a shelter or somewhere warm during the night, and the worker told me that this is where they stay all day and all night,” said Blake.

Blake said there he was told there were 120 dogs in total.

Toronto Adventures said they take pride in ensuring that "no animals are ever mistreated for the purpose of our events or the events of companies we subcontract.

"Toronto Adventures will be working with the Ontario SPCA and the professional dog sledding industry to ensure that our dog sledding sub-contractors meet and/or exceeds these standards," states their website

In April 2010, 56 sled dogs were found dead in Whistler, B.C.

“The dogs were extremely scared when walking up to them and some of them were sick, starving, and injured,” he said.

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