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Blind Taste Test: Tap Water Vs Bottled

Can you taste the difference?

In a blind taste test, could you tell the difference between tap water and bottled? Take the taste test challenge and find out.

The following was provided by TRU’s Office of Environment & Sustainability

The TRU “Tap Water Challenge” will ask people—in a ‘blind taste test’ format–to choose which type of water they prefer: Kamloops tap water or one of five leading brands of bottled water.

This fun event is designed to educate TRU students about the benefits of drinking from Kamloops taps instead of buying bottled water; for health, environmental, and financial reasons.

The challenge is organized by the TRU Office of Environment and Sustianability, with support from TRU World, TRU Wellness Centre, and TRU Culinary Arts.

There will be a tasting table at these locations during the following dates and times:

Campus Activity Centre Rotunda, during TRU International Students’ Orientation
August 27, noon to 1pm
August 28, 11:30am to 12:30pm

Campus Commons, during TRU Discover Orientation
September 2, noon to 3pm
September 5, 10am to 3pm

Once participants are finished the challenge, they will be given a fact sheet comparing Kamloops tap water compared to bottled water, and where the water bottle refill stations are on campus. They will also be offered a free reusable stainless steel water bottle.

Kamloops enjoys some of the safest and cleanest tap water on the continent. The Kamloops Centre for Water Quality (KCWQ), commissioned in 2005, uses innovative membrane filtration technology to provide high-quality drinking water. The KCWQ contains laboratories and classrooms built as part of a research and training partnership between the City of Kamloops, Thompson Rivers University and Zenon Environmental Inc.

This centre for safe water excellence provides opportunities for water quality research and training in a working water treatment plant, which is the first facility of its kind in North America.

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