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Selfies to replace photos on student ID cards

A new campaign at TRU has students creating the photos of themselves that appears on their student identification card.

Those submitting their photos before Aug. 15, 2014 will have the opportunity to win a variety of gift cards to on-campus eating options and the campus bookstore.

Below is a letter students will receive soon after completing their registration. The letter also provides directions on how to take a usable selfie as well as how to submit it for approval.


Dear ___________,

Thank you for completing your registration.

Your next step will be to update your TRU student identification card (or TRU Campus Card). Beginning September all new and returning students will need to obtain the new TRU Campus Card. This card has a magnetic stripe that is required for use as a UPass (BC Transit and the Canada Games Pool). It will also be used as the TRU Library card and as the primary identification card for all TRU students.

So that we can have your TRU Campus Card ready when you arrive on campus later this summer, we ask that you send us your ID photo now. Your TRU Campus Card will be ready for pick up anytime after August 5 at TRU Students’ Union Member Services (Independent Centre next to Campus Activity Centre). You will need to show one other form of photo ID in order to receive your card.

Act fast! Students who submit their photos to us prior to August 15, 2014 will be entered into a draw for gifts cards at the University Bookstore and for food service outlets on campus.

Please follow these guidelines to prepare your photo:

  1. Your photo must be in jpg format.
  2. Your photo should be taken against a plain (preferably white) background.
  3. The photo should be a headshot with a clear view of the face (no hats or head coverings, sunglasses, or silly faces).
  4. You can smile!
  5. The file that you send should be no larger than 1.2 MB.
  6. Use your TID (student ID number) as the file name.

Send us your photo following these instructions:

  1. Log into your mytru account and open up your email.
  2. Create an email to send to [email protected]
  3. Attach your jpg file.
  4. Hit send.
  5. Check for a confirmation email from us. This email will include a Cardholder Agreement and instructions on when and where to pick up your new Campus Card. Be sure to read it so that you understand how your card may be used. You will sign this agreement when you pick up your card.
  6. If we have any problems using your photo, we will email you within a week. Please check back into your email to ensure everything is fine.

If you have questions about the Campus Card, please consult our webpage: www.tru.ca/campuscard

Christine Adam
Dean of Students

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