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Convocation By The Numbers, Schedule, Details

Details: Spring Convocation 2014

Do you have the information you need for Spring Convocation 2014?

What follows is a look at Spring Convocation 2014 by the numbers, the schedule, and some other details.

Among the highlights is the Faculty of Law’s first graduating class, and among the enhancements is using the Tournament Capital Centre for all gowning and ceremonies.


students graduating with either a certificate, diploma, undergraduate degree, baccalaureate, master’s degree, or law degree








medal winners (winners listed below)


honorary degrees

Watch live online

Watch live online and while at TRU’s Livestream channel, join the conversation through the chatbox for Twitter and Facebook.


Use the #TRUgrad hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, and other social media to create a conversation with words, photos, and video, or to follow others’ conversations.


There is free parking in the student lots for graduates and guests.


All ceremonies will be held at the Tournament Capital Centre Fieldhouse on the main gym court and bleachers.

WEDNESDAY — June 11 — 10am
Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism
Faculty of Human, Social and Educational Development
Valedictorian: Sarah Corless, Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism
Honorary degree: Craig Kielburger

WEDNESDAY — June 11 — 2pm
School of Business and Economics
Valedictorian: Twyla Hartnell
Honorary degree: Dr. Samantha Nutt

Read a behind the scenes look at what it takes to host a successful Convocation.

THURSDAY — June 12 — 10am
School of Nursing
Valedictorian: Sophie Stanley
Honorary degree: Dr. Evan Tlesla II Adams

THURSDAY — June 12 — 2pm
Faculty of Science
School of Trades and Technology
Valedictorian: Rolena deBruyn, Faculty of Science
Professor Emeritus: Dr. Larry Prins
Honorary degree: Ron Fawcett

FRIDAY — June 13 — 10am
Faculty of Arts
Valedictorian: Alexa Manuel
Honorary degree: Kim Collier

SATURDAY — June 14 — 10am
Faculty of Law
Honorary degrees: Honourable Lance Finch, His Excellency Gordon Campbell

Medal winners

Rachele Ricketts, Governor General’s Academic Medal (Collegiate Bronze)
Alissa Foster, Governor General’s Academic Medal (Silver) and TRU Medal in Education
Robert Goss, TRU Lieutenant-Governor’s Medal
Christa van Zyl, TRU Medal in Arts
Katelin McNichol, TRU Medal in Business Administration
Nicole McKinnon, TRU Medal in Commerce (OL)
Geoffrey Wright, TRU Medal in Computing Science
Kristina Bradshaw, TRU Medal in Fine Arts
Leane Sterling, TRU Medal in Health Sciences (OL)
Kaixiang Liang, TRU Medal in Interdisciplinary Studies
Adam Williams, TRU Medal in Journalism
Lorena Tillotson, TRU Medal in Natural Resource Science
Sophie Stanley, TRU Medal in Nursing (and valedictorian)
Natascha Hedrich, TRU Medal in Science
Ryan Khungay, TRU Medal in Social Work
Colin Loose, TRU Medal in Tourism Management
Taylor-Marie Young, Law Society of BC Gold Medal

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