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Trash Bash Cleans Up

Trash Bash 2014 will go into the books as one of the best attended—if not the best ever.

Organizers of the 17th annual event were aiming for 100 pre-registrations and wound up with 110. In the end, 102 participated on May 15 between 9am and noon. Participation was from students, staff, and faculty.

Teams as little as two members to a few more than that, were assigned various locations around the Kamloops campus. Gloves, garbage bags, and pick-up-sticks were provided. Prizes were awarded and the hungry pickers were treated to a free barbecue and sides.

The event was hosted and organized by TRU’s department of Environmental Sustainability. If you didn’t catch the video trailer for the this year’s Trash Bash, you can watch it below. If you did, you can enjoy another view.

Some numbers, awards, and more






Garbage bags collected


Recycling bags colected


Burgers eaten

Team with most bags collected per person
Andree’s Team (from Admissions)

Honourable Mention for the team with the most bags collected (also the biggest team with 17 members)
Acme Garburators (Information Technology Services)

Most Unusual Item Found
Preserved set of porcelain hockey Team Canada snowmen candle holders by The Garbage Go-Fers (Open Learning)

Other unusual items found
Commemorative Patrick Roy hockey coin, molecular science homework, 20 pounds of nails; deer jaw bone with teeth, plastic butterfly, and rotted shorts

Some photos…

Trash Bash: Team Animals

Team Animals is made up of Animal Health Technology faculty members (left to right) Robina Manfield, Cathy Hall-Patch, Erica Gray, Jean Lauder (standing), and Sonia Walczak.

Trash Bash: Team Oscar's Crusaders

Oscar’s Crusaders (left to right) is Karen Moore (institutional Planning and Analysis), Joanne Atherton (IPA), Gary Bunney (Provost, back), Brian Flamank (IPA, foreground), and Andrew Pillar (IPA).The group was representing the fourth floor of the Clock Tower building.

Trash Bash: Team Trashy Princesses

Representing the Print Shop is Trashy Princesses (left to right) Ashlynn Harris and Leanne Amendola.

Trash Bash: Team Early Childhood Education

Representing Early Childhood Education is faculty members (let to right) Cindy Piwowar and Margaret Patten. Their smiles grew even wider when Patten found a Canadian Tire coupon.

Trash Bash: Trash Packers

The multi-department team Trash Packers pose for a photo by one of the Zero Waste Stations that can be found around campus.

Trash Bash: Jim and cake

Jim Gudjonson, Director of Environmental Sustainability, prepares to the cut the cake during the barbecue portion of Trash Bash 2014.
*** Thank you James Gordon for the photo.

Trash Bash: Nataliya in kitchen

Nataliya embarks on the mission of readying the burger fixings for the barbecue portion of Trash Bash 2014.
*** Thank you James Gordon for the photo.

Trash Bash: Group Shot

Trash Bash 2014 participants get trashy by posing with various oversized objects they found and the bags they filled with garbage.
*** Thank you James Gordon for the photo.

Trailer for this year’s Trash Bash

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