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Video Contest Entries: Undergrad Research

UPDATE, April 2, 2014: Congratulations to Kendall Spooner, winner of this year’s Undergraduate Research and Innovation video contest. She received a $100 gift card to Chapters book store in addition to a gift card for Future Shop.

Her video called “When Was Thin In?” can be watched here or further down this page.

The other three contestants also received a Future Shop gift card.

See below for this year’s entries for the TRU Undergraduate Research & Innovation Conference video contest.

Entrants were asked to boil their research down to two minutes or less and to bring their research to life.

The conference runs March 28-29 at various locations on campus, and is open to the entire TRU community as well as the general public. There is no cost to attend the poster presentations on Friday in Student Street or the classroom presentations on Saturday in the International Building.

Conference schedule and program

Kai Liang — Travelations

Shawna Holmes — Emotional Attachment: Does Place Play a Role?

Kendall Spooner — When was Thin In?

Natascha Hedrich — Phase Correction using Allpass Filters

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