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QuickList: Annual inflation rate in July for selected Canadian cities

OTTAWA - Canada's national annual inflation rate was 2.1 per cent in July, Statistics Canada says. The agency also released rates for major cities, but cautioned that figures may fluctuate widely because they are based on small statistical samples (Previous month in brackets):

_ St. John's, N.L, 2.3 (2.4)

_ Charlottetown-Summerside, 1.7 (2.0)

_ Halifax, 1.9 (2.2)

_ Saint John, N.B., 1.7 (1.9)

_ Quebec City, 1.5 (1.6)

_ Montreal, 1.6 (1.8)

_ Ottawa, 2.1 (2.7)

_ Toronto, 2.7 (3.2)

_ Thunder Bay, Ont., 2.5 (3.0)

_ Winnipeg, 1.6 (2.0)

_ Regina, 2.4 (2.1)

_ Saskatoon, 2.3 (2.1)

_ Edmonton, 2.2 (1.6)

_ Calgary, 2.9 (2.4)

_ Vancouver, 1.6 (2.0)

_ Victoria, 1.4 (1.6)

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