Top 10 Internet marketing strategies

Over the past 18 years the Internet has become a major marketing tool that can no longer be ignored. The Internet is the most cost effective way of using your marketing dollars and putting your company and its products and services out there for others to find.

But without a little knowledge on how to tap into this very effective medium and a strategy to implement your plan, you will not be found and can end up wasting a lot of time, effort, and money.

Internet marketing will draw more people to your website, increase your customer base, and enhance your sales, marketing, branding efforts for your company, products and services.

If you are just beginning your Internet Marketing Strategy then you will definitely need a website to implement your goals for Internet marketing success. All your Internet marketing efforts should lead your customers to your main company website with a specific call to action.

The following list will get you started on a plan that will increase your Internet visibility and enhance your total marketing efforts.

Top 10 Internet Marketing Strategies:

1. Blog: Start with a Blog and interact with your visitors. This is a great way to repurpose all relevant information to the web so that you become the expert and leader in your field.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):  This involves researching Key words for your target market which will allow you to optimize your web content not only on your website but for everything you write about.

3. Back Links: A major part of Search Engine Optimization revolves around having a back link strategy that helps your Internet ranking status. All back links point back to your Website like a homing beckon.

4. Newsletters: E-mail Marketing – Sending e-mails in the form of concise newsletter for the purpose of enhancing relationships with past, present, and future customers. This will encourage customer loyalty, repeat business, and will allow you to share knowledge and key information with your clients.

5. Call to Action: Build a responsive “opt-in” e-mail list. Have people sign up for a newsletter and give them a free report or a tool that they can read and utilize.

6. Publish articles: If you are already producing a newsletter than you are producing content that can be used. You can self-publish your own articles if you are just looking for a little extra promotion of your website, or there are many other ways to get your work published on quality sites.

7. Run contests: This is a great way to drive traffic to your site as you can run a monthly or quarterly draw for a prize, and drive traffic to your site. With a little planning you can build your client list and raise your profile.

8. Press Release: Publicly announcing new company developments and delivering the message to a much larger audience allows you to gain more exposure.

9. Social Media:  Allows you to build ways so that fans of a brand or company can promote it themselves in multiple online social media venues. Fan pages in Twitter, My Space, or Face book are examples.

10. Google Analytics:  Allow you to track your efforts and analyze the visitors to your Blog and website. Consider hiring an Internet marketing consultant to review and assist you in making better Internet marketing decisions for your business.

As you can see these strategies will take some planning, but by following some of these strategies above you’ll be well on your way to creating your plan that will help you “Build Your Business”.

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