Testimonial videos enhance business

If you run a business or sell a product or service you know that testimonials are a terrific way to enhance your marketing and build your business.

By definition, a testimonial is an endorsement from a happy customer. They speak to the quality of your business and the value of your products or services. Happy customers tell their friends but they may not be willing to tell you or be quoted or seen on your website. So, you need a plan.

Don’t be shy

  1. Start by having a data base of names and contact information of happy customers.
  2. Keep letters and emails on file.
  3. Watch for positive feedback from well known members of the community or from a company. Both could have strategic value as you grow your business.

The video testimonial

The video testimonial will add interest and power to your endorsements. Truth is that the higher the profile of the person providing the endorsement on video, the more likely it’ll be viewed. Feedback from average customers is terrific and should always be quoted, but if you are to invest marketing dollars in a short video, make sure the person has star power or strategic value.

Not every candidate is suitable

  • Is their name known by your customers and prospects?
  • Athlete
  • Community leader
  • Politician
  • Business person
  • Media personality
  • Are they well spoken?

If a business person

  • Can they speak on behalf of their company?
  • Can they be identified by their position and title?
  • Can their company logo be used in your video?
  • Is there an opportunity for you to endorse their business?
  • How about an exchange of website links?
  • Maybe there’s a joint promotion in future with benefits for both
  • Does the person have any restrictions from employment conditions or industry association rules?

Essential questions to ask

What was the barrier you had to overcome before....

  • Buying this (name the product or products)
  • Becoming a client of (name of service company)
  • Hiring (name of contractor) for the service you provide (photography, landscaping etc.)
  • What was the result for you after buying this (product or service)?
  • What specific feature did you like most about this (product, service or person)?
  • What would be three other benefits about this (product, service or person)?
  • Would you recommend this (product, service or person)?
    • If so, why?
  • Anything you’d like to add

Always keep in mind this advice from a journalist friend.  More important than who, how, what and when is the question why.  If someone is willing to endorse your business, your products or your services ask the other questions but focus on why the relationship with you or your company was successful.

The value of hiring a professional videographer and video producer

Cameras bring out the worst in people. Normally out-going and animated individuals often become self conscious and at a loss for words. Nerves can kill performance.  Professional videographers and video producers will provide the following.

  • Coaching for your testimonial person, get them to relax, put them at ease
  • Professional cameras, microphones, lighting, editing and final production
  • Set selection and staging
  • Time management
  • The interview including asking the questions more than one way in order to produce the best answers to be edited into the final product
  • Final format for website posting (HD, server based, YouTube or CD)

Here is an example of a video testimonials produced by the team at Floodlight Business Solutions Group.

Jim Belshaw of Roys Shoes – Testimonial on Marketing and Internet Marketing Strategies and SEO

This video was shot as a product service and testimonial video combination.

Video testimonials can be very powerful, if you would like to explore this leading edge marketing tool contact us today for you free one hour assessment.  1-888-768-9415.

This article is contributed by Ted Farr and Donald Robichaud – Floodlight Business Consultant

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