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Want a toy for your dog? Avoid these

When it comes to toys, I often find that dogs have an abundance of them.

I have a simple rule with my clients – only three toys at given time. You will notice that your dog will have its favorites and they do not need 20 stuffies or 30 balls laying all over the place.

Also, if you have children it will be confusing to the dog as to which toys belong to whom. Do not give your dog any toys to play with that are small enough to fit down their throat as they may swallow them and choke.

When buying a toy, be sure there are no hard plastic eyes, noses, buttons… anything that can be chewed off and swallowed. Throw out toys that are falling apart or have tiny eyes or buttons on them.

Tennis balls are a very popular ball, but they can actually do a lot of damage to your dog’s teeth. Imagine brushing your teeth with a nail file… this essentially is what is happening to your dogs teeth when they mouth the tennis ball, as the felt, although may not seem it, is quite abrasive on their teeth. Lacrosse balls are a great alternative and less expensive.

Playing tug of war with your dog with a tug rope or toy is actually good for them as it simulates the same type of play they are missing out on with their littermates and friends; just be sure that you are the one to end the game on your terms.

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