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Beef with snow removal - responses

It looks like Tuesdays beef regarding snow removal in the Kelowna area really hit a nerve with many people, so I thought I would share some of the responses with you.  Remember, if you have a beef you want to share I want to hear from you.  Email your beef to [email protected].

If you didn't read Frenchy's original beef regarding snow removal you can check it out below this one. Now my Beef Eaters, here is what some of you had to say in response.

I have heard a bunch of BS in my time , but that load of ranting and raving crap I recently read by Frenchy re: the lack of snow removal and  suing the city etc… takes the cake.

At 60 years of age he should know better, but in case he doesn't know, its mother nature who decides how much snow we get  and when ( along with thawing & freezing weather),  and the people who have to move it have no control over it.

I for one have no problem with accepting that fact. I think those who do the job and those who hire them ,do it as best as possible considering continually changing circumstances, limited budgets,  and should be commended.
They have an entire cities to deal with not a couple of hundred feet

This persons rantings reminds me of the Quebec students who want free education . Ask the ( Frenchy) who will pay for increased snow removal. Him? I doubt it, bitchers always look to blame someone else, look to others to pay , and others to take care for their every little whim cause it's their entitlement. If he doesn't like it  here with all us mares and old persons sucked in with the " beautiful Okanagan" there is a simple solution- he can go away and bitch at someone else .

By the way, if requested, I will send you  a quarter  to give to him so he can call someone who might give a fat rats a** about his opinion.

I am 67 years old, have a bad back ,and still manage to keep my long driveway etc.. clear.


He hit on the head or they only do half a street till you call them.Every year I have to call the city to plow and sand our half of the street.


Regarding your beef about snow removal, I have lived in the valley for two/thirds of my 78 years with the remaining on the prairies and up north so I am familiar with many forms of removal, I still do my share of shoveling!! The problem I have with this beef is the cry to sue ,sue ,sue, just who the h--- would end up paying , of course- you and I the tax payer!!!! So chill out and give the cities a break or be prepared to spend a lot less on yourself and more to the tax man!!!!


Right on getting snow out of Kelowna, so nice going Frenchy, give ‘em hell!


Just finished reading Frenchy's Beef re snow clearing. Now although I am new to Kelowna I was actually impressed with the snow clearing that I witnessed. What I wasn't impressed with was the way they blocked my driveway not once but twice; yet when I happened to be outside in my front yard they were wonderful. They put the extra effort not to block the driveway. The city I come from, if they blocked your driveway they were reported and they were forced to return to clear it immediately (our  plow was always followed by a loader)
My frustration was more that when I happened to be outside,  they put the extra effort not to block the driveway  ....why can't they always  put that extra effort in.

-New to Kelowna

Almost every old person tells me stories of how they walked through 20ft of snow uphill both ways to and from school everyday in - 45 F with no boots only plastic bags on their feet. So why are they complaining now?


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