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A big beef with snow removal

Hello beef eaters (oh that's good, I'm using that again)!

This week I hand my rant over to a reader who has a real problem with the snow removal in the Kelowna area over the past few weeks.  Personally, I feel that its been handled quite well but I know there are plenty of people who disagree with me on that, like this gentlemen. 

After doing some serious editing to make this friendly enough to put on Castanet.net, I present to you a beef on snow removal.

Here's my friggin beef.

The snow removal problem that all these communities in the whole friggin Valley seem to have! Are you kidding me, not one person complained, you're [kidding] me? I'm 60 years old and I keep like 200 feet of sidewalk shoveled, my lane-way and my driveway cleared, with a [expletive] shovel and [the town] can’t keep the rest of the city cleared with snow removing equipment.

I know they all have that Okanagan mentality, "OH, IT'S GONNA MELT."  Yeah, so is the second coming of Christ but don't be so sure. (Editor's note: We know the second coming is not melting, but our 'beefer' was on a roll) With the elderly population that lives in the Okanagan you'd think they would have a little consideration for them.

Where do they get their town foreman's? Pencil pushers that got demoted to town foreman for not [playing along] on their way up the corporate ladder? Yeah, look how much money we saved by not cleaning the sidewalks.

I think everybody that slipped and had any bodily harm done, should sue the [crap] out of the cities and municipalities they live in just to teach them [a] lesson. And you [lawyers] should be offering your services to these people instead of trying to defend some of our rich [expletive] that don't want to split their wealth with their partner, because they got caught [with] a hooker!!!

All you 'mares' and officials should be ashamed of yourselves for inviting all of the older pensioners to the valley with promises of beautiful weather in the summer and FEND FOR YOURSELF in the winter.
[Now] to our frozen footprints in 4" of slush and the brain wave to plow the snow up against the curb so it can freeze there so the water can't get to the drain, are you [kidding] me? Who trains these people?  "I only know how to drive a lawnmower toke, toke, cough, cough.."

And all you parking lot owners and Strata councils, wake up everybody and sue the [crap] out of them until they make our cities and communities a safe place to walk and park again.

- Frenchy (a pissed-off Frenchman)

Do you agree, disagree or have a comment to make?  Please send it my way, [email protected].

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