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The Christmas Party Pooper

It’s that time of year again, when everyone you work with will come together for a night of free food, ugly Christmas sweaters, a gift exchange and with any luck, some free drinks! 

Yes, it’s time again for the company Christmas party; an event some people love, some people hate and a select few have become true professionals at squeezing every last free item out of their company for one whole night!

Whether you are the lover, hater or true pro I wish you all a very safe and happy company Christmas party.

Unfortunately, there is one other company party goer that exists, they are not always easy to spot before or during the actual event; however, there is no hiding for them when the evening’s festivities come to an end. 

I’m talking about the Christmas Party Pooper, who feels the need to tell EVERYONE at work on Monday all the dumb things that you or anyone else in the company did at the Christmas party!

To all the Christmas Party Poopers, you need to grow-up and while you’re at it, shut-up!  No one cares if Kevin was in the bathroom puking for over an hour, or if Jenn and Kyle made out in the hallway all night.  Yes, Steve ripped his pants on the dance floor and Nancy had a bit too much to drink and told everyone that she loves them; but isn’t it an unwritten rule that what happens at a company Christmas party stays at the company Christmas party?    

Does it make you feel better to bring up all the embarrassing moments that happened to your fellow co-workers?  Would you want someone telling everyone if you had done something wild and crazy?  Use your brain, show some respect for the people you work with and get over it.

I am by no means saying that people should go completely wild and get out of control on purpose, but I am saying that it happens and it shouldn’t be such a big deal.  We’ve all been there at one time or another, and if you haven’t you are either lying to yourself or you’re just perfect.

My point is simple, if someone gets a little messed up or does something a little crazy at your company Christmas party, give them a break, help them through it if you can, but don’t be a Christmas Party Pooper

Chances are the people you work with would much rather work with someone who gets a little out of control at the company Christmas party than the person who thinks it’s their responsibility to share it with the world.  After all, you were all just trying to have a good time, weren’t you?

Be responsible, yes, but have some fun and get a little crazy! It’s your party, get drunk if you want to!

Now party hard, you deserve it!  Please don’t drink and drive.

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