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I beg your pardon?

Big city or small town, it is a sad reality that on the streets of the downtown core there always seems to be people asking for your spare change. I can’t pretend to know what combination of circumstances in their life got them to this point and in no way can I act like I understand what they are going through in these tough times. 

Some are quiet and ask only for change as you pass by, others are more aggressive and approach you to make their request.  Personally I enjoy the laugh I get from some of the cardboard signs I have seen recently with witty sayings like, “$1.97 away from taking over the world.”

Whatever the approach from someone begging for money on the street, nothing is more irritating then when I say, “Sorry, I don’t have any change” and they proceed to give me attitude. 

Am I missing something here? 

“Don’t be cheap man, just a dollar,” is by no means an acceptable response. What could possibly make you think I owe you anything?  Let’s take a step back and look at this scenario a little closer, shall we?

I am on my way back to work after lunch; you are sitting on the street corner asking people to just give you their hard earned money, which I guess we can call your job?  It would appear that your job would rely quite heavily on the kindness of strangers and by giving them any attitude at all it is safe to say you are not doing your job very well.

I am not the reason you are in this predicament in the first place and find it unfair that I must take any attitude from you at all.  Perhaps, now that I think about it, this attitude is what got you into this tough spot in the first place?  I can’t see anyone caving-in to your apparent expectation that because you are in this tough spot in your life, we MUST help you out!

Don’t get me wrong, prior to the attitude I may have helped you out with some spare change but remember, I didn’t have any; however, knowing what I do now, even if I did have spare change in my pocket you wouldn’t get it because I don’t want someone with your attitude taking over the world!

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You got BEEF?  Balsy does! 

Rob Balsdon is a local stand-up comedian that has a beef with almost everything.

As a comedian Rob has shared the stage with some of the biggest names in Canadian comedy including “The Harley Guy” Herb Dixon, Gerry Dee (Mr. D) and Brent Butt (Corner Gas). Recently Rob was lucky enough to work with one of his idols when he opened for film star and SNL alumni Norm MacDonald!

Rob is here to rant about all the little things that get on his nerves.

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