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It stinks in there!

Today’s beef is the sort of thing that bothers me a great deal, but at the same time has always made me laugh.  I heard this over the weekend while shopping at Walmart (I know, stop bragging) and it inspired today’s column. I already know this one will not be a hit with all of you, but it will be something you can all relate to.

I can’t figure out for the life of me why people still sound so surprised when they walk out of a public washroom that smelled horrible? I can’t count the amount of times I have heard someone leaving a public washroom say something like, “It stinks in there!”

Now I know it probably wasn’t a pleasant experience and sometimes it might even be a near death experience for some of us; however, what did you expect it to smell like? It’s not like someone was baking cookies in there for all the Walmart guests to enjoy.  We all know what happens in a washroom, which is why I find it so funny that we are shocked when it smells so bad.

I truly believe you cannot walk into a public washroom and complain about the odour, it’s like ordering a pizza and being surprised when it shows up at your door! Honestly, it’s not the end of the world and why is it that we act like we have never been on the other end of this debate?  I know for a fact I have caused a few unbearable visits to public washrooms (I know, stop bragging)!

It’s part of life and unless you want to return to doing your business outside, might I suggest we just deal with it and move on, or carry a pack of matches to kill the odour and stop complaining so much about such petty things.

Now, click annoyed on the mood meter and let’s get over it!

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