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I can’t even pretend to know how many times I have been waiting in a lineup to purchase a coffee and the person at the front of the line is talking on their cell phone while the poor employee is trying to complete the transaction.  I have beef with this for several reasons and as you know by now, I am here to share it with you!

Reason #1 – You are not the only person in line.  Yes, I am sure this phone call is important to you but let’s look at this realistically and honestly for a moment.  If it was so important don’t you think your craving for a grande decaf latte with extra whip could wait until it was finished?  I know you don’t have eyes in the back of your head but the lineup behind you is not getting any shorter and some of us have jobs we need to get back to, kids to pick up from school or just better places to be than in this line.  You are now wasting not only the poor employee’s time but also that of everyone behind you because of this ‘important’ phone call.

Reason #2 – It’s (insert expletive here) rude! 

Reason #3 – You are setting a very poor example for other people who are seeing you do this, ipso facto, think it’s an acceptable way to behave.  Sure it’s not your responsibility to teach others the difference between right and wrong but it sure wouldn’t hurt to set a positive example.  To act, for even a moment, like your conversation on your cell phone is more important than the one you are having IN PERSON with an employee, shows a complete lack of respect (unless it’s an emergency) which is something we already have an issue with in the 21st century (see article below).

Reason #4 – I don’t want to hear about how, “Brian told [you] he loved [you] last night but still hasn’t returned [your] phone call from this morning, so [you] think he is cheating on [you]”.  Honestly, I don’t even think the person on the other end of the phone wants to hear it, let alone the people in the line or the employee who can’t do their job properly because you’re being rude.

Would it really hurt so much to put your phone away for five minutes while you communicate with another human being?  I hate to point out the obvious, but your life is no more important than anyone else’s in the lineup, so put it away, pay for your over priced coffee and let us get back to the infinite amount of things we could be doing that are better than standing in this lineup.  

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