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Today I will take a break from ranting and raving about my problems and share with you a beef I received a couple weeks ago.  Please keep sending any personal beefs you may have to [email protected].

Thanks to Peter for making me smile with a quick quip via email to my last column:

"While the optimist and the pessimist argued about the glass being half full or half empty I drank it!
The Opportunist!"


Now to todays beef, one I felt was very "well done" and think you will enjoy as well.

“I wonder why our health care professionals are paid when we’re sick instead paid when we’re well?
It only makes sense that this is not the way that would work best.  When I go to see a doctor and he spends his/her time writing prescriptions which are poison and create illness to progress.  When our health care teams spend their time treating sickness instead of teaching people how not to get sick.

It would only seem to me, and I used to work in the health care system, that by teaching people to eat healthy foods, and how to stay mentally well through many of the now popular and proven forms of wellness, we would be so much further ahead.  When I see people come into medical aid and are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and then are told by the doctors and nurses that they have caught diabetes, instead of telling them the absolute truth that they are totally responsible for creating their condition and instead of medication they are prescribed 2 hours of exercise and limited to only green fruit and foods in reasonable portions. 

I think this is so very very strange and I just don’t know why we are so delinquent in knowledge, and still continue to say “I caught the flu, instead of saying I created the flu by not eating and resting well.  I AM RESPONSIBLE.”


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