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Beef with VIP hybrid parking

With the overwhelming amount of rants that have flooded my inbox in the past week or so I thought this would be a great time to finally post one of them.  Please keep your beef coming my way by emailing it to [email protected] and you could find your rant here on Balsy's Beef.

Here's Eli's beef on VIP hybrid parking.

Hey Rob, you are the man and your column is the best ever!  <---(Okay, I made this part up, but not what follows)

"Here is a great idea: VIP parking for hybrid owners! It's not enough that people buy overpriced, under-performing, hideous piles of crap only to rub it in our faces how (incorrectly) they are saving the planet, but now the brilliant people in charge of parking lots in many places have decided they should also get the best parking spots. For example at Okanagan College students pay $135 for a pass which does not guarantee anyone a spot as they are vastly oversold; however, in arguably one of the best locations on campus, there is designated hybrid parking which has open spots most of the time.

These spots are abused by people who own Silverado hybrids (which claim a whopping 23 mpg on the highway, less than my full size sedan which gets 25 city) and people with the audacity to stick fake hybrid badges on their cars. Why are we rewarding people for buying these stupid cars and allowing rampant abuse of the stalls? It's been shown the batteries alone in these things are more harmful to the earth than the average vehicle. Hybrids are great in theory but in in reality we need to stop this nonsense and move hybrid spaces to the back of the parking lot/eliminate them entirely. Thanks for listening to my rant!"

- Eli B.

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