Engagement ring lawsuit turns nasty

A civil lawsuit about launched by a man who wants his ex-fiancee to return a $16,000 engagement ring has become anything but civil.

Pasquale Angelino Zampieri, 46, was in B.C. Supreme Court on Thursday morning to file an application seeking the return of the ring he gave his former fiancée, Jessica Bennett, 27.

But before proceedings could begin, Zampieri and Bennett began their own war of words in front of TV news cameras outside the doors of the Vancouver Law Courts.

The 5.7-Karat sapphire and diamond engagement ring is worth $16,000.

The pair shouted barbs at each other, accusing one another of mental issues, covering up shady pasts, and wagging fingers at one another's faces – all while cameras rolled.

The couple met last year through an online dating site and say they were engaged within three weeks. Two weeks ago, they decided to call it off, and they are waging a legal fight over a $16,000, 5.7-karat sapphire and diamond engagement ring.

Zampieri's lawyer argues the ring was part of the contract of the engagement and should be returned now that the contract has been dissolved. Bennett claims that the ring was a gift and she is fighting to keep possession of it.

The couple didn't just argue outside court; they also argued in the courtroom. The hearing was eventually adjourned with Bennett signing a promise not to sell the ring until she hires a lawyer for another court date next week.

Though the legal bills are getting bigger, there's one thing this couple might agree on: it's probably for the best that they never got married.

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