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Liberal candidate endorsed by Merner

VICTORIA, BC – Joyce Murray, MP for Vancouver Quadra and candidate for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada, today gratefully accepted the endorsement of former prospective Liberal leadership candidate David Merner, the first prospective candidate to bow out of the race and endorse another candidate.

“David has worked extremely hard for many years encouraging real renewal in the Liberal Party of Canada,” said Murray.

“David ran an impressive campaign based on ideas and substance advocating for the building of a broad cooperative movement riding by riding. I agree wholeheartedly with David that the time has come to replace the name-calling, voting splitting and partisan games enabled by our current electoral system and political culture with a new politics of respect, cooperation and engagement. I am very proud to receive his endorsement and his ongoing support as a key member of our campaign team.”

Merner, who most recently served as President of the Liberal Party of Canada British Columbia prior to announcing his candidacy for the Liberal leadership, has engaged Canadians and Liberals on issues including political cooperation and democratic reform, legalizing cannabis, and building a sustainable future.

“Joyce is committed to the cooperation movement, to democratic reform, to a green Canada and to building a sustainable economy. Her priorities are my priorities,” said Merner.

“I came to know Joyce during the early stages of the leadership race as an extraordinary person who treated me and others with respect and generosity. She is the only candidate in the race with Cabinet experience – and she is from British Columbia – and the Liberal Party needs more British Columbia! As a Western Canadian, Joyce is most likely to be able to rebuild in Western Canada and create a truly national party. That’s essential if we are to prevent Stephen Harper from winning yet another false Conservative majority in the 2015 general election.”

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